Our Services

Experts in Underground Utilities

Slimdor is an expert in underground utility installation. Through the work we have completed in the Commercial, Industrial, Residential, Infrastructure and Industrial markets over the past 20+ years Slimdor has gained a wide range of expertise and experience. These expertise include, but are not limited to the following:!

  • Project Management
  • Design Build ProjectsUnderground Utility Installation
  • Utility Improvements, Rehabilitation and Upgrading
  • Water, Sanitary and Storm Deep Utility Installation
  • Main Replacements (Water, Sanitary and Storm)
  • Site Servicing and Development
  • Outfall and Control Structure
  • Lift Station Installation and Upgrading
  • River Crossings and Intake Structures
  • Augering and Tunneling
  • Box Culvert and Trunk Installation
  • Utility Maintenance

Earthworks: From Site Grading to Culverts and Excavations

Earthworks has been at the core of Slimdor’s expertise since its inception in 1978. Developed through the years of mining work, quarry development and management west of Calgary. These skills were then honed when Slimdor moved into the Calgary Commercial, Industrial, Residential, Infrastructure and Industrial markets in the 90’s. The various work and expertise include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Topsoil Stripping and Topsoil Placement
  • Site Grading (Commercial developments to Interchanges)
  • Roadbuilding (Residential/Commercial to Provincial Highways)Lagoon and Pond Development and Upgrading
  • Bridge Construction
  • Slope Protection, Rehabilitation and Improvement
  • River Works (Bank Restoration, Protection, Coffer Dams)
  • Overburden Removal and Import Fill Placement
  • Granular Base Course Placement
  • Culvert Installation and/or Replacement
  • Rock Excavation and RemovalCulverts and Excavations
  • Structural Excavation (Schools to Industrial Warehouses)
  • Slab on Grade Preparation (Schools to Industrial Warehouses)
  • Lagoon and Pond Development and Upgrading
  • Commercial and Industrial Basement Excavations
  • Pathway Development and Rehabilitation
  • MSE and Retaining Wall Excavation, Backfill and Installation
  • ECO and ESC Measure Temporary and Permanent Installation

Demolition Efficiency

Demolition and removal is part of most Slimdor projects and as such we have become very efficient in disposing of site materials over the years. Some of the work and expertise include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Remove and Dispose Underground UtilitiesDemolition and Removal
  • Remove and Dispose Concrete (Roadways, Structures, Vaults, Bridges, Buildings, Etc.…)
  • Remove and Dispose Asphalt (Roadways, Parking Lots, Pathways, Etc.…)
  • Remove and Dispose Building Structures (Bridges, Buildings (Up to 3 Stories), Homes, Etc.…)
  • Remove and Dispose Trees and Shrubs

Indemnification & Other Work Expertise

Slimdor Contracting is an Indemnified Utilities Contractor with the City of Calgary. As such we complete the following service installations on a regular basis:

  • Residential Service InstallationIndemnified Utilities
  • Commercial Service Installation
  • Watermain Breaks
  • Riser Installations

Wide Variety of Equipment Rentals

Slimdor has a wide variety of equipment at its disposal. This equipment can be appropriated to complete a client’s work on a time and materials basis should you require the experienced personnel to finish your project. When you only require the equipment on a rental basis Slimdor Contracting Ltd. will be more than happy to accommodate. If there is something you need and we don’t have it our sister company Slimdor Rents will be able to get it for you. We’ve got you covered. For a full list of the equipment and rate please email slimdorrents@gmail.com.